Lets talkt values

Experience-based learning and teaching in schools.

The better pupils get to know their own values and that of their fellow human beings, the more confident the “inner compass” can give them direction. If they allow it, experiences and views of fellow other pupils can open up new perspectives and have a positive effect on their life. 

In the curriculum of most schools there is hardly any room for in-depth experiences with values. It is too important to achieve the best possible results in general tests. Although values appear in different contexts, they usually remain abstract and can hardly unfold their effect as static factual knowledge.

This is exactly where the MUSEUM OF VALUES comes in.

Goals in value education: 

  1. value-oriented personality development
  2. the confrontation with and recognition of values in human interaction, and
  3. the successful handling of value diversity


The programme for students and pupils aims at all age groups and school types. We invite school classes to current exhibitions. For inspiring talks, creative workshops or museum programmes – the offers show how up-to-date museums can be. How the objects tell exciting stories. And how enriching changes of perspective can be. 

With participative and interactive teaching methods, we encourage pupils to get to know the world of values in all its diversity. These encounters generate joy and curiosity, amazement and sympathy. However, they always give impulses to think about one’s own perspective, strengthen one’s own value system and judgement.

Further information is available on request: hallo@wertemuseum.de


To enable pupils* to reflect on their own values, values should be made tangible. As part of a one-day workshop, pupils will organise an exhibition on selected values together, such as freedom, equality, tolerance or respect. We believe that a positive affirmation of values should already be initiated in the school environment and, above all, can promote empathy, emotional intelligence and more understanding for each other through active exchange.

All participants are asked to bring along a personal object that symbolizes a value. Through little stories the objects become a symbol for a value and can be prepared and exhibited. The aim is to get to know the values of others as well as to relate them to one’s own. On the basis of a collective value system the pupils can examine their own values and deal with their “inner compass”.


In order to make experience-based value mediation independent of the museum team with the help of our exhibition, we have designed a museum case for schools that contains everything teachers need to develop their own exhibition within a day in the classroom with the students.