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How to deal with your own values? In the summer of 2018, the Museum for Values presents interactive approaches during the Art Festival 48 Hours Neukölln. Under the title Popping Up Values – and with a focus on authenticity in times of swiping – together, the weekend is used to open up, explore and reflect. Alongside presentations and performances from a variety of artists, we show and collect values and stories. Whoever stops by the festival on Schinkestraße goes through a process to be released from their day-to-day. To be able to engage with one’s inner life, all the constant external information and impressions must first be let go off. Then, visitors can open themselves up for new experiences and thought processes to deal with authenticity in a digitalized reality in a humane way.

Images & Impressions

“Values constitute a universal emotion of understanding, growth, past and inspiration towards progression.”

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“Minimalistisch die kleinen und allgegenwärtigen Dinge im Leben schätzen. Thanks for reminding!”

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“Wunderschön & Wichtig. Die Menschlichkeit lässt so viele Gefühle zu und bringt mein Herz zum leuchten. Werte sind der Grundstein für jede Beziehung und hier wird es einem auf so vielen Ebenen verbildlicht.”

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“Coming here feels like coming home. No need to feel like an alien in a world where sometimes just beauty, fame and facebook-likes matter. Friendships matters. Authenticity matters. Joy of Life matters.``

Anonym Reflect from your heart

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