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End of 2018, The permanent exhibition of the Museum for Values can be seen for seven weeks in the renowned Wolfsburg Art Museum. Here, values and stories – by now more than 70 – can be experienced and become tangible in a spatial context. The participatory and interactive exhibition concept, conceived in cooperation with the Department of Museum Education, aims to mediate and is a complete success. Out of the visitors, it is the first time in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg for 80 percent of them – because they can now identify with the topic themselves. The VW-ARTMOBIL, a school bus with a special purpose, gives kids from the region a ride to the museum every day. A total of 54 school classes visit the exhibition and the creative value workshops. In the evening, numerous dialogues with curators take place in various after-work formats.

Images & Impressions

“Eine sehr liebevoll gestaltete Ausstellungen von Dingen, die bemerkenswerte Beziehungen zu ihren Inhabern offenlegen. Unbeschreiblich und inspirierend. Herzlichen Dank.”

C.L.G. Ausstellungsbesucher:in

“Sehr, sehr spannend zu sehen wie man wie man Dinge anders sieht, wenn man die Geschichte dazu kennt.``

A. Miller Ausstellungsbesucher:in

“Werte im Wandel
Wir haben ein gutes Werkzeug
die Kunst, die Fantasie sowie das Staunen

K.K. Ausstellunsgbesucher:in

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