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Value: Friendship
Author: M.A. aus Berlin


A Story about Friendship

In spring 2016, we set out to explore the Iran. The small, but not insurmountable challenge for us was that our previous accommodation bookings were not possible because of the economic sanctions. No problem, we thought as experienced backpackers – we will sort it out when get there.

However, upon arriving in Tehran, we quickly realized that it would not be that easy.
What we didn´t take into account was that our trip fell on the Nouruz, the Persian New Year and Spring Festival. During that time, Iranians travel throughout their country to visit friends and family, because of this most of the accommodations outside Teheran have were booked.

So, what to do?

As coincidence would have it we met a few young Iranians. When they heard that we couldn’t find a place to sleep for our next destination, Shiraz (one of our new friends) called a friend. We were in luck it turned that that the family of his friend was running a small hotel in shiraz. Fortunately they told us that we could stay there.

When we arrived in Shiraz a few days later, a friend of the family picked us up at the airport and even had a sign with our two names written on it. To this day that sign is a wonderful reminder of many great encounters and a symbol of the hospitality and warmth that was brought to us in Iran. The way these values ​​are lived in Iran has profoundly affected me.

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