HumanTech Series

Digitale Transformation erleben und explorieren.

HUMANtech ist eine interaktiven Veranstaltungsreihe die Fragen des gesellschaftlichen Wandels im Zeitalter der Technologie auf den Grund geht. Hybrid entwickelte Workshops zur Sensibilisierung von Themen wie: Exponentielles Wachstum, die Auswirkung von KI auf unser eigenes Leben, Algorithmen als moderne Werkzeuge, die von Menschen gebaut werden und wie wir als Gesellschaft teil dieses Wandels sind.

Our Speaker so far…




As humans we understand the theoretical idea of exponential growth. And yet, we have a really hard time to grasp its real impact on our own lives and our connections. How can we use technology to connect in new meaningful ways? 


AI and algorithms are modern tools built by humans. Most of the time, the results are useful.
Sometimes they are funny.And sometimes they are scary.
How can we use data in meaningful ways?



For over 4 decades technology has touched every element of our world. At the same time,our body hasn’t changed a bit. Or has it? How can we use technology to transcend our existence?



The training of AI not only uses a lot of data. It also uses a lot of energy.
Time to ask ourselves honestly: How can we use technology to create a sustainable future?



Digitalization is leading the way to novel practices of collaboration. What does it truly mean to engage in “new”, “remote” and “project-based” work? How can we use technology to redefine the way we work?

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