The Saving Book

Joy of Life

Again and again a feeling of joy of life at the sight of our “Postsparbuch” (savings books) – for years framed on the wall. A special extract from the year 1981.

„Carefree while traveling with a Postsparbuch“ – says a poster of the German post office from the fifties.

Value: Joy of Life
Author: M. & W. S. from Kevelaer

Our first big bike tour at the age of 29 years – in 4 weeks we did about 2000km. Our departure was from Neuss in Germany. The destination was the west coast of England. Touring saddle (hard) and small bike bags. At the beginning we stayed in youth hostels overnight, during the trip we bought a small tent (no fly net, no double wall, unfortunately my feet had to sleep outside …). Our diet was usually a „light meal“. We ate white bread and glass noodles, which in the water pot increased strongly in volume. We lived more of side dishes. On Sundays we had Fish and Chips. Nevertheless, it was an amazing trip with much joy of life, little money and comfort.

The post office was our constant companion (beginning 1.8.81: 1301 Deutsche Mark, end 26.8.81: 1Deutsche Mark). The payouts at the various post offices with the entries and stamps remind us of our travel experiences, our awareness of life at this time, and the a lot can go a long way.

Just one look is enough to take me back and the feeling of the joy of life comes rushing back!

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